Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Item Lady

The insanity associated with the holidays has officially begun!  We are 42 days from Christmas; the traffic has doubled, people have lost all notion of common sense and humor, and goodwill toward men is a thing of Christmas past.  Just as an example, I ran to Target today for a few items... four to be exact.  There was one 10 item or less lane open.  The lady who was a couple of people ahead of me, easily had 30 or more items.


I calmly decided the lane not designated 10 or less  was moving more quickly and I was correct.  The gentleman in the 10 items or less lane behind the THIRTY item lady came into my lane.  I looked at him and said:

"Guess she could not read"

The gentleman said "I am trying really hard not to get mad, it is Sunday after all"

Why does common sense fly out the window at the holidays?  Okay, better question, where has common sense gone?  Is everyone so self centered that they just believe they can do whatever they want and it either not affect others or they do not care?

Why, why would you 30 item lady get in the 10 items or less lane? Do you believe your time is more important than mine or the kind gentleman that was trying not to get angry?

30 item lady, do everyone a favor and get in the right lane next time.  A small amount of common sense will take you a long way in this life.

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  1. Maybe she had multiples of the same item and figured that counted as one? Or else she didn't finish school and can't count.