Monday, November 7, 2011

Finding a Pillow

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Does anyone else struggle with finding the right pillow?  I have bought soft, hard, back sleeper, side sleeper, feather, foam, expensive, cheap, and still have not found one that I am comfortable with!  Our house is full of pillows that have been slept on a night and then retired to another bedroom or to stuff one of the many shams around the house.  I just cannot return a pillow that I have slept on, as long as I have not spent a small fortune on it.  There have been a couple that I have returned for a refund.  The "experts"... how do you become an expert in pillows?  The experts say you should replace your pillow every 12 to 18 months.  My feather pillow is older than dirt and the one that Doodle sleeps on is at least in middle age. Why are pillows like everything else, what feels good is not good for you?

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  1. We are going through this process ourselves. I want a super soft pillow and I just can't find them. I did buy two from walmart but left the plastic covers on and put a pillowcase over it for my husband to try out. Noisy but effective. Now he has a new one and I'm still sleeping on basically a couple of pieces of fabric with a smidge of stuffing.