Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Carter Center

Mom and I had the opportunity to visit the Cater Center Museum and Library this week.  Neither of us had been to the Center before and thoroughly enjoyed our time there wandering through the gardens and learning about President Jimmy Carter, his family, and all that the Center has accomplished since he left office. 

"Ultimately, the work of The Carter Center is about helping people achieve better opportunities and watching hope take root where it languished before."—Jimmy Carter

One of the things we found most interesting is the Centers work in eradicating the Guinea Worm in Africa.  In 1986 when the Carter Center began work on this disease, there were over 3.5 million cases, in 2010, there were less than 1800.  


If you are ever in the Atlanta area, the Carter Center is worth a visit.  If you cannot get to the Center, many of their conversations and programs are webcast live.  Take a look at the upcoming schedule and maybe you too will be inspired to help the world.  

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