Monday, December 19, 2011

Cavalia Review

Guess what I did this morning?


I thought I had saved them to the computer and deleted them from the phone... guess what... I just deleted them.  The pictures from my friends 50th birthday party, the photos from Cavalia... ALL GONE! 

UGH!  That was an expensive lesson in learning how to pull photos from your phone. 

Anywho, mom and I attended the matinee performance of Cavalia Odysseo last Saturday.  It was wonderful, honestly, I had no clue what the story line was, had to read about that online this morning.  Odysseo is suppose to be a dream about what horses think as the seasons unfold and as they journey across the world.  The tent is huge and even bigger than you think when all the curtains are moved.  They also have this great screen that digitally changes the background and even though I knew the stage was not growing the way they moved the clouds into the sky, it felt like I was getting smaller. 

Overall, I enjoyed the show but like the original Cavalia better.  I think because I was able to follow the storyline easier and it made more sense to me.  Also, while I appreciate the acrobats, you can only watch people flip themselves around for so long, I was not there to watch that; but, rather the interaction between the horses and riders. At times it was too much like Cirque du Soleil, which makes sense as the show was founded by Normand Latourelle, who also worked with Cirque.   

The horses were amazingly beautiful and the riders so good it makes me jealous.  At one point we counted 20 horses together in the arena all moving in tandem.  It was an amazing sight.  I told Austin yesterday that he could be in Cavalia, as soon as he begins to like humans, gets over the fact that everything is a horse eating monster, gets use to lights, curtains, acrobats... he gives me a look at says "Keep Dreaming"!

You can visit the Cavalia website here, if the show comes to an area near you, it is worth seeing.

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