Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Recap

Doodle and I are not out braving the masses of people in search of the perfect after Christmas sale items, instead we slept in.  This is more due to the fact we are both fighting a cold, hoping it does not turn into something more sinister; rather than us not being in the spirit of a good bargain. 

Over the weekend, we caught up on some movies we had recorded.  We watched Million Dollar Baby and The Last King of Scotland.  Both of which I would highly recommend, which would explain why they won Academy Awards, oh 4 or 5 years ago.  I am ashamed!

We also tried several new recipes instead the old standbys and quickly came to the conclusion that Bobby Flay's recipes are above our skill level.  While we laughed and enjoyed being in the kitchen together, we were definitely confused on what to do with the extra milk and butter for the potato recipe and ended up with something that I am sure did not resemble what Mr. Flay had in mind, as his final instructions were to fill the center of the potatoes with the homemade queso and somewhere along the line we had mixed ours together.

I hope that whatever you did, it was a joyful weekend filled with love and laughter.


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