Monday, January 30, 2012

18 and Still Feisty

Rio, our oldest cat turns 18 this year and has been a constant in my life for almost as long as I have lived in this forsaken place Georgia.  I have owned her since she was a kitten, part of an unwanted litter that my boss at the time had thanks to her wandering hussy cat.  Rio is not even the cat I wanted from the litter, I wanted the small, gray, ball of fluff that went to a friend of mine.  I ended up with the runt, a small black and white terror.  Little did I know, she would become the biggest of our cats, rivaling even the Tom's in the neighborhood.

Lately, Rio is looking old, her hair is greasy, she is moving more slowly, she sleeps in the sun or on a blanket all day, and is beginning to loose weight.  My mind knows she is starting to decline but my heart does not want to take her to the vet.  I just do not want to know, I want to cherish my time with her and my memories of her as a kitten and as the loving cat she is today.  She still greets us each morning with her cry of WAKE UP, it is breakfast time and waits patiently for us to get home each afternoon. 

I often wonder when a person says they are not cat person, if they have ever been owned by a cat?  For I believe if they have, they would never again say they are not a cat person.  Rio has brought much joy and frustration to our life and I wish for another 18 years of wonderful.

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