Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Camera Confusion

Yesterday I did take pictures; however, after the camera kept flashing at me and would not take a photo, I thought I should review the manual.  After all, how am I going to get better if I do not know how to work the camera?  220 pages later, I still have no idea what the camera was flashing and why it would not take a photo.  I am still totally confused about AV and TV and what each of them do.  I mean I sort of understand but all my photos look the same regardless of what I set the AV or TV at... I must be doing something wrong!

I did learn that in the auto settings, there are eight more that I never knew about and to think I am pining after a more advanced camera... where is my brain?

Today, I took the camera with me to the barn, trying to take pictures in 32 degree weather with a wind chill of 17 is challenging and cold!  When my fingers froze and I could not push the button, I gave up.  Here is the best of what I took today.  

Barn Dog Louie... he kept wanting to sit on my foot, so this was the best I could do!

Frozen water bucket.  Told you it was cold!
 Same picture, I just sharpened it and messed with the color.  Reminds me of the ice in Alaska.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to 2012!

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