Sunday, January 15, 2012


This morning when I arrived at the barn, the water had not been turned off completely and the bathroom, tack room and feed room where full of water.  That is not fun in 30 degree weather but the barn owner and myself managed to get the water sucked up.  Whoever invented a wet/dry vac should be kissed. 

Austin was not wanting to move out this morning, I spent 30 minutes fighting with him before giving up.  I think he knows I am tired and I do not have the leg strength to arguing with him.  I hope my lesson goes better tomorrow than today's ride went.

After the barn visited my crazy ass horse friend's place, she just put in a beautiful arena but was having issues with her newest mare.  The mare definitely was bucking in the canter.  I wish I knew more about horses so I could be more help.  I think the mare is testing my friend's resolve. I suppose that is what Austin is doing to me, testing me to see if I really am going to continue to come out.  I have to admit, I feel like giving up most days.  But how can I give up when he is such a handsome dufus?

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