Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kraft Fresh Take

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Last night Doodle and I tried the new Kraft Fresh Take Southwest Three Cheese Style and is one of the easiest dinners I have ever put together.  This was an impromptu purchase, as the item was on sale at the grocery store and I was looking for something easy and new to make with chicken. 

Fresh Take packages contain a mix of spices, breadcrumbs, and cheese: everything you need minus the meat, in our case chicken.  Just open the package, mix the ingredients, drop in your meat of choice, and bake. 

The Southwest Three Cheese recipe is a blend of cumin, garlic, and red chili pepper.  The chicken had just the right amount of heat and flavor.  The cheese and breadcrumbs were not overpowering and melted just enough to allow the cheese to brown up and become crispy.  YUM!

Doodle and I would give this particular flavor two thumbs up.  It was nice to have something easy to make after a long day. Visit the Kraft website for more information about this product and for recipe ideas.  

P.S. Kraft has no idea who I am and I was not paid for this review.   

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