Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yesterday we attended a first birthday party for a friends little boy.  Why do people find it necessary to have a party for a child that cannot walk?  Are they interested only in the presents?  Is it for the parents, so see their friends and for their friends to gush over said child?  I am asking only because we do not have children and will never have the opportunity to plan a first birthday.  So, I am curious, why have a party for a child that does not comprehend?

The party it was really cute; snowflake themed because last year he was born during the one week there was snow in Atlanta.  The birthday boy, had no clue what to do with the cake, it was really funny, he did not want to eat the cake or really get dirty, dainty little tyke.  Of course, he loved his gifts especially the ones that made noise and he is on the verge of walking, his parents are going to have their hands full.

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  1. I agree on the party. You shouldn't have one of those until the child can really participate. Have the relatives over because you always want photos but other than that don't invite people.

    Of course we didn't really have too many parties for our daughter. Just not something we grew up with ourselves. And it seems to be a competition sport anymore.