Saturday, January 14, 2012

Strange Place to Visit

Last weekend Doodle and I had planned to go to a park or something just to get out of the house and walk around.  Needless to say, the weather and life did not cooperate; so this morning Doodle said we were going to the Funk Heritage Center. When he first mentioned it, I thought he meant Funk music... NO.. he meant Georgia's Official Frontier and Southeastern Indian Interpretive Center.  

It was a strange little place, not a bad place, just small and  different.  They asked us to sign the guest book, which we did.  However, the last person to sign the book was there on January 2nd.  Today is January 14th and we were the only people there. 

See what I mean! 

The lady that showed us around was wonderful and full of knowledge about the Indians that resided in the Southeast.  They had some beautiful pieces of artwork and an couple of 1840 cabins. 

We wandered around for a hour or so and then out to the "settlement" area where we came across this... does anyone know what it is? 

I think it was a machine that ground up corn or something.  If I can figure it out, I will let you know. 

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