Monday, February 6, 2012

Bananas and Chicken Thighs and the Dump

What a game last night!  While I am not a fan of either the Giants or the Patriots, I thought the game was well played and evenly matched.  I did have a $20.00 bet on the Giants, so I am quite happy they won.  Doodle and I missed almost the entire first half working on our latest cooking adventure featuring chicken thighs.  Thank goodness Doodle was willing to help or I would still be in the kitchen I am afraid. We also made banana pudding from SCRATCH!  Do you think I took pictures of anything we cooked... hell no! 

The most exciting thing we did this weekend was visit our local dump. Doesn't everyone aspire to spend their Saturdays at the dump?  I know it was the highlight of our weekend. 

I really have nothing to blog about, such is my life, the dump, banana pudding, and chicken thighs.  Happy Monday everyone!

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