Thursday, March 15, 2012


Mo is now the only cat in the house and while I believed she would be content to finally be large and in charge, I think she is now unsure of her role.  For so long, she was really the bully of the house, running up to Rio and whacking her for no reason.  She does not do that with the dogs because they have lost all tolerance for the cats as they have aged. 

She has also always acted more like a dog than a cat, following us around, sitting where we are and such. After all, she spent 18 months sitting on the desk while I studied.  But she seems sad, like someone is missing, even if that is someone she could hardly tolerate.

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  1. Andy always loved Jesse, although Jesse only tolerated Andee. When Jesse was gone, Andee acted like he had lost his best buddy. "Well" the vet said when I wondered out loud about this, "perhaps the bad relationship was better than no relationship at all." Feelings are complex for animals also.