Monday, March 12, 2012

It Always Could Be Worse

The past four days have been adventure filled and loads of fun... NOT!  It all stated last Wednesday night when I got home from the barn at 5:30 pm our elderly cat, Rio was no where to be found.  I looked in the basement, I looked outside, I looked around all of the stuff we have... No Rio.  At this point I am beginning to be a bit concerned, she was lost!  After an hour of calling for her in the backyard and around the house next door, who do I see towards the bottom of the ravine behind our house, the small black and white cat, better known as Rio.

Her feet were dirty and she was not pleased to have been locked outside the fence, but, thank goodness she was alive and well.  Crisis number one averted.  

Friday, morning Doodle and I awake at our normal hour of 5:00 am to get ready for work.  As usual, I head to the basement to let the pups out for their bathroom break.  I open the door to the basement and hear something ominous... the sound of gushing water, the basement had flooded.  I yell for Doodle, he comes flying down the stairs, the water shutoff valve is not working, out to the street he goes to shut off the main valve.  We have approximately 6 inches of water in parts of the basement. 

Rio is wandering through the water looking at me, like I do believe we have a problem.  On the other end of the spectrum, is Mo, who has sought the highest ground she can find is proceeding to have a conniption.  Meow, Meow, MEOW!  As I grab her to take her upstairs, I slip in the water and jar my back.  Great, now I have a flooded basement, a freaked out cat, and my back is refusing to allow me to bend over without great pain.  Meanwhile the dogs are floating away in their kennels.  After downing a couple of Aleve and a quick email to work, the fun begins.

Doodle thinks we removed 100 gallons or so of water from the basement.  Whoever invented wet/dry vacs should receive a medal!  Most of the boxes were not damaged.  Of course it never fails the box with all the photos in it, was wet and we are still drying out the photos hoping we can salvage them.

Currently, the concrete in the basement is mostly dry but it still smells and we figure it will take weeks for everything to really dry out.  The dogs are tired of the fans and not having their carpet in the room.  Poor Shen has been shivering in the mornings and looks even more pitiful than usual. There is a chance of rain all week here, which does not bode well for the drying process.  BUT, it always could have been worse!  At least our house was not blown away by a tornado and for that I am so very thankful!

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