Monday, March 5, 2012

Wires and Screws

This weekend Doodle and I installed our new microwave.  After being without one for over a week, we were excited to be able to warm food without heating a large oven.

In order for the microwave to be installed we had to add a piece of sheet rock behind to bring the wall flush with the tile, as the new microwave was larger than the old.  Doodle cut the sheet rock, screwed it to the wall, added the mounting bracket, and finally we lifted the microwave into the place, added the bolts and plugged it in.


We must of turned off the breaker, downstairs I go to check, sure enough the breaker is in the off position.  Flip it on, it trips.  Flip it on, it trips.  Flip it on and sparks emerge from the breaker panel!  Houston we have a problem!

Doodle had nicked the wire with the screw adding the drywall.  UGH!  Down comes the microwave and many holes drilled into the wall behind to verify this thought and to run new wire from the oven to the microwave.  The hour long project has now turned into four.  Finally...

Yes, the picture is upside down... not the microwave.  I cannot for the life of me get it right side up.  Houston we have another problem!

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