Sunday, April 8, 2012

3 Goals

3 Goals - sounds simple, easy, how hard could only three goals be.  Apparently for your first horse show... VERY!  Yesterday, I showed in my first "real" horse show.  I moved Austin a month ago to a new facility where the trainers specialize in American Saddlebreds.  I love Saddlebreds, they are smart, funny, lovable, and fun to watch and ride.  Somehow, I got talked into showing at the 2012 ProAm Horse Show in Perry, Georgia.  Remember I am 41 years old, have not ridden in a year and am showing at a show.  I have been sick to my stomach for the past two weeks!  That leads me back to my three goals:

No Puking - success
Do Not Fall Off - success
Do Not Come in Dead Last - success

We left the house bright and early yesterday morning for our trip to Perry.  3 hours later we arrive at the Georgia fairgrounds and I must say, what a lovely facility.  We walk into the arena and I look at Doodle with terror and exclaim... "I cannot do this"!  Doodle looks at me, as if I have truly lost my mind, we got up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning, drove three hours, and you are not going to get on a horse!  However, what he says is "I know you can do this, if you do not want to do this, we won't".  (what did I do to deserve this man?)

That did nothing to calm my nerves and I made a beeline for the bathroom (again)!  The Saturday morning portion of the show was just getting started.  We were able to watch a couple of classes, find the where the barn was located amongst all the others, and watch the other riders get ready.  Academy classes are for new riders and started in the afternoon and before I knew it, I was dressed and on the horse. 

Honestly from there my three classes were a blur.  I looked for and found the trainers stationed around the arena to keep me going and tell me what to correct.  I saw Doodle, but the rest of the world blurred away.  I made mistakes, many of them, but I survived to ride again.  I did not fall off, I did not come in dead last, and I did not puke... three simple goals.

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