Monday, April 16, 2012

The Great Deck Build of 2011

We continue work on redoing our deck and patio in the backyard.  We have made significant progress the last couple of weeks, thanks to Doug and Andrew, who are true gems!  The pavers are down and the columns roughed in.  Take a look at the progress we (they) have made.

Thousands of pavers were needed for the patio.  The Home Depot delivery man has been to the house so many times, we are now on a first name basis.

 Here is the almost finished patio.  We still need to order the staircase and figure that out... but we are closer!
Close-up of the pavers with the border accent.
This weekend, Doodle and I added the first of the shrubs and flowers into our new planting area.  We have vastly different ideas about what to plant, so we comprised with Gardenias, Flirt Nandina and Blush Pink Nandina.

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