Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hell - Recap

Yesterday was not really hell, I worked from home and that is always has positive effects.  No gasoline consumed, the cat and dogs were inside with me, I wore my comfy clothes, etc.  The hellish part of the day was replaying the prior two days at Dale Carnegie over and over in my mind.  When Doodle left for work yesterday morning, I was still feeling really down, after all, I should be leaving for the last day and then happily graduating from the Dale Carnegie class with my co-workers that afternoon.  Instead I was home, a failure!

Doodle said something to me that morning that made me think all day.  He asked if I knew who Lou Gehrig was?  The baseball player I said... everyone knows this!  Doodle asked what position did he play?  I have no idea.  Doodle said Lou Gehrig played First Base because that is where his strengths were.  The coaches did not ask him to be a pitcher or a catcher because you needed a different set of strengths for those positions.  Doodle said not everyone has the same set of strengths, everyone is different and finding where you can excel with your strengths is the true test of a coach.

That conversation rolled around in my mind all day and I finally figured out why I was so upset over the past two days.  Mr. and Mrs. Trainer made me feel small.  They made me feel like there was something wrong with me.


Not everyone leads in the same way.  So there you have it, a defining moment.  Great leaders come in different designs and what makes them great is not being the same but being themselves.

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  1. That Doodle is one smart cookie. Good thing you married him.