Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baseball Hall of Fame

I'm back!  I have neglected blogging lately for several reasons, none of them good.  I was really out of things to say, I was and still am tired.  Tired of the drama at work.  Tired of the drama at the barn.  Tired of being an adult.  There are days that I wish I could be a kid again... get up, have someone fix your breakfast, go outside, play until your mom called for dinner.

How does Cooperstown factor into being tired, you ask.  That is where I surprised DB with a weekend birthday trip for his 40th birthday.  If you recall, Doodle turned forty back in April and I had been planning the surprise trip for a couple of months.  What a grand weekend we had, minus the small issue of no hotel rooms to be found the last night.  If you are a baseball fan, know of someone who is a baseball fan, plan a trip to the Hall of Fame.  Even if you are not a baseball fan, the Hall of Fame has something for everyone! 

I went ahead and added the VIP experience for DB for his weekend.  This allowed us access to the museum after hours and two behind the scenes tours.  It was thrilling being in the museum with only 20 other people, having the entire place to yourself to stand in front of the exhibits and talk without feeling like you are blocking the view of others.  The exhibits are beautiful, well done, informative.  The pictures do not do the place justice.  There is so much to see, I know I did not read everything, I would still be there!


What I loved most, was the old uniforms that look pristine.  The records that will never be touched because today's baseball players do not pitch full games or know what it is not to have a day off.  Did you know that the first baseball uniforms had collars, because it was considered a gentleman's game?  Did you know that the first night games were played by the Negro Leagues?  I can honestly say, while I still find baseball boring, the history of the game reflects what our country was experiencing and I have a new respect for today's players but especially for those that paved the way forward.

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  1. That's where I took my husband for his 40th birthday too. We were there on one of the weekends where they had old timers coaching teams of people who payed a lot of money to play ball. It was great to see a game played on the field.