Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We let the lettuce go too long... it Bolted!  (Why is that the technical term?)  We tried it last night and it was tough, bitter and nasty!  This definitely explains why my friend who wanted to try the lettuce never asked for seconds.  We yanked the rest of it from the garden and threw it to the critters.

The garden is not doing as well this year or maybe I am just getting anxious.  I forget we are still in May, the weather has been summer like for the past month!  A couple of the tomato plants are being nibbled on by something.  The herbs are not coming up as they should, the radishes grew strange appendages and I was afraid to eat them.  Next year I will have to reevaluate where to place the plants, it seems our new area gets more shade than I thought.  I am not sure the pumpkins will produce because of this so I may move one of the vines into the sun.

Of the three different flower we planted only the Dahlias are coming up.  I will say the flowers are pretty but not the different colors as the bag indicated, so far everything looks yellow.  None of Peonies came up and that is what I really wanted.  The other flower, I have no clue what is called did not come up either.  Perhaps we planted incorrectly but how hard is it to put a bulb in the ground?

Yes, that is a concrete block by the door, why it is there I haven't a clue!

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