Monday, May 7, 2012

Novice vs Expert

Do you remember we have a salt water aquarium?  I have not blogged about it because it had become the bane of my existence.  Cleaning is required every other weekend and given the stuff that I have been growing, cleaning entailed breaking the tank down, cleaning everything, and putting it back together.  Additionally, I am not crafty, I do not have a designing bone in my body, hence has indicated by the picture below...

Enter the expert!  We met our new neighbor about a month ago and would you believe he owns a local reef store!  He graciously offered to look at our tank and said "wow, that is sad".  Tell me something I do not know!  Anyway, he offered to help us design an actual reef tank and spent Sunday morning at our house with extra live rock.  In a manner of minutes he had created this...

It is amazing, wonderful, I am out of words to describe how the tank looks.  Doodle and I just stood there in awe!  Look at all the places for fish to swim and hide, there are places for coral to grow.  I am excited about the tank again. We have coral fragments for the tank, that should grow and will be able to add new fish in a couple of weeks. 

I can whole heartily recommend Pure Reef if you are in the Atlanta area or just visiting.

PS. I was not paid for this blog, it is strictly my opinion. 

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