Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday Fragments Summer Edition

Mommy's Idea
This should really be called Saturday Segments but as I meant to post last night under Friday Fragments hosted by the venerable Mrs. 4444, I am once again a day late and a dollar short.  A big thank you to Mrs. 4444 and all the participants, that make this weekly journey so interesting.

* Work has been crazy!  Our fiscal year ends on June 30th and I think everyone just realized they have one week left to spend down their budgets.  We are swamped!

* We need rain desperately.  According to the weatherman we are 4 inches short so far and I can tell you our grass is brown, dying, and definitely in need of rain.

* Attended a Scentsy party last night.  I bought a couple of items so will be following up with a review once the products arrive.  The best part of the party was the names of the wax, such as "quiver" and "best dressed man"...both of which smelled horrible to me. 

* Thanks to everyone on the blogs, I watched the first two episodes of Bunheads and love it!  It has been added to the recording list.

* Falling Skies is back, (thank goodness) I have missed you so and the premier episode was fantastic.  If this is not one of your regular shows and you enjoy Sci Fi, you are missing out! 

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* Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Summer is usually so lacking in good shows to watch--I'm happy you've found a couple of good ones! :)

    We need the rain, too.

    I appreciate a person who can admit that certain scents are just plain gross instead of getting sucked up automatically into the "Isn't this awesome!?" thing.

    Thanks for linking up. Have a great week :)