Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fragments

I continue to be remiss about blogging and continually stating that I am tired is getting tiring!  Working full-time is totally overrated!  So, for today, I am joining up with Mrs. 4444 and Half-Past Kissin' Time for Friday Fragments.  A big thank you to all who participate, especially Mrs. 4444 for hosting.
Mommy's Idea

Shall we begin:

*This week has been long and I am tired.  I truly believe if they allowed us to nap in the afternoon, I would be much more productive.  Don't you agree?  Please say you do!

*Garden update: harvested three okras that DB has already eaten raw (YUCK)!  Harvested several tomatoes and had several that rotted on the vine.  We have baby brussel sprouts, they are cute! We noticed one pepper and the pumpkin vines continue to grow.  I desperately have to weed this weekend, they are taking over again.

*DB had a good hearty laugh at me last night.  I have to bring the bird feeders in or the racoons come by and eat everything.  Last night, I told DB that I had to wait until dark to bring the feeders in as they get a lot of traffic when it gets cooler.  For some reason me saying the feeders get traffic, struck his funny bone and he laughed and laughed. 

*You know summer has arrived when there is absolutely nothing on TV but reruns and reality shows!

*Strange occurrence at work this week.  There is a gentleman that works in our office and he built an add-on for his desk, as seen below.

As you can see, this has elevated the desk top a good 18 inches or so... according to the owner of said desk, "you burn more calories by standing all day".  What I have noticed, is he chats more in other peoples offices while sitting down!  Sort of defeats the whole purpose I say.

*Happy Friday everyone!


  1. That looks like he just wanted to have an extra place to put paper.

  2. That's too funny about the desk extention. I always thought I'd want one of those with the treadmill in front of it.. but then just the thought tires me out :)

    & nap? I think it should be a requirement. They dont have them in kindergarden for nothing. Havent you seen the energy of those kids? Tell me that doesnt make sense! :)

  3. Yes I agree. I have tried to talk the bosses into letting us take a siesta in the afternoon, however no go! lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked what is Bunheads. It is a brand new show on ABC Family. Under the picture on my blog post is a link to their website and I believe you can watch the first episode there right now.

    Have a great day.

  4. Oh yes, naps would make you more productive. If that gentleman wants to burn more calories while at his desk, he should attach it to a stationary bike.

  5. haha Actually, I prefer to stand at work during my prep time. I use a podium to work on. We also have a few standing desks for students to use, and they're always in use.

    Thumbs up for afternoon naps. I read recently that a 15-minute nap is the perfect amount of time. Maybe you could print out some research to present to your boss :)

    Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend.

  6. I'm all for afternoon naps (anytime naps, actually). Siesta!!
    The desk thing is just weird.