Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Marriage Dilemma

Doodle and I were talking earlier this week about balancing the needs, wants, and dreams of yourself with that of your partner.  I called it the "marriage dilemma".  By dilemma, I mean that my dreams are not remotely close to Doodle's dreams.  The dilemma is at any moment in the day, whose needs, wants, and dreams take precedence over the other persons. How do you balance the differences of each other so that both of you are feeling important and fulfilled.

Those relationships that succeed have found that balance between two people.  Relationships are about give and take, recognizing that the other person's needs, wants, and dreams while different than yours, are no less important.  There are days that Doodle and I struggle with this and there are days where it is easy sailing.  I think this is normal and healthy.  I believe one of the reasons that we are happily married, is that for the most part we have found the balance of compromise.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head...balance is the key.

  2. You two look meant for each other, so happy and full of love.