Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nothing, Nothing On

You know summer has arrived as there is nothing on TV!  How do I know this? I was off yesterday and terribly disappointed in the choices available.  Every channel I turned to had a realty show!

We have over 300 hundred channels and it seems that 99% of them are carrying shows that would be classified as realty TV.  When did this phenomenon happen?  Back in the 80's the only reality show that I can remember was MTV's "The Real World".

Today the choices range from "American Pickers" to "The Real Housewives of..." to "Call of the Wildman" to "American Idol".  Am I the only person that finds these shows less than entertaining?  Why would you spend your waking hours watching a strangers life?  Do people not realize these people are acting and badly at that?  Have we become so bored with our own lives that we live vicariously through someone we do not know?  

On top of the reality shows, there is a whole swarm of websites dedicated to discussing the shows and providing updates. 


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  1. Last year, I resorted to watching all the episodes of Lost. And Lost was not for the faint of heart, might I add!