Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Getty

Part Two: The Getty Con't

The Getty Complex is so large, with so much to see, that if you really wanted to read about everything they have, you would need at least three days.  We did not have time to see all the buildings, it was just too much!  One of the nice things about The Getty, is you can take photos without flash of their permanent collections.  This would have been wonderful, had I brought the correct camera and not the small P.O.S.

Oh well, here you go, an extremely small sampling, like three photos, of the hundreds of items on display:
"The Vexed Man" Franz Xaver Messerschmidt
"The Ransom" John Everett Millais
"The Tomb of Madame Langhans" Johann August Nahl
After we took a break from walking around, we headed to the central garden. 

This is looking down into the garden from one of the buildings.  I did not realize the center maze was created with boxwoods and water until we walked to it.
The structures below are made from re-bar and in the center have bougainvillaea growing up and draping over.  I wish that we could grow the amazing plants and flowers here in the south that you can in California.

I have no clue what this pretty flower was, it just deserved a photo!
Another view of the garden while sitting on a bench resting.  
Finally, a couple of pictures of LB, Doodle, and I.  Next, the Griffith Observatory.
 Isn't LB handsome? :o) 

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