Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening Ceremony

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I thought London did a great job with the opening ceremony.  While I admit at times, I was totally confused with the goings on... (what did Lord Voldemort have to do with the Olympics). I suppose it was the British celebrating all things British.  The reviews I am reading this morning seem to agree, while no one will ever top the production in Beijing, there is no denying last night was a success.  In my mind the mere fact thousands of people volunteered to be a part of the ceremony, not conscripted to be a part of the ceremony says something to the world.

I think Alex Wolff with Sports Illustrated said it best "To speak one's mind or assert one's rights is as irrepressible a human instinct as running or jumping. Of that, let us be not afeared".

Sarah Lyall with The New York Times said this "With its hilariously quirky Olympic opening ceremony, a wild jumble of the celebratory and the fanciful; the conventional and the eccentric; and the frankly off-the-wall, Britain presented itself to the world Friday night as something it has often struggled to express even to itself: a nation secure in its own post-empire identity, whatever that actually is". 

Let the games BEGIN!

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