Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pageant of the Masters

The highlight of our trip to California was opening night at the Pageant of the Masters.  I just realized that I am really dragging out this trip... I think it is because I am so missing home and the beach. 

The Pageant is a yearly event that takes place in Laguna Beach each July and August during the Festival of the Arts.  When LB and I were kids, we actually were in the pageant.  This was DB's first time attending and even though we all froze to death during the show, it was well worth the frost bite! 

This year's theme is The Genius, celebrating the 80th anniversary of the festival.  The Pageant is described as living pictures.  Famous works of art are recreated using people is part of the art.  DB had great fun trying to determine which were people and which were just painted.  Witness examples below... can you tell who is real?

They had updated the show from when I was a child, in one particular painting, they showed you how it goes together, they let you see which parts are painted, who is real, how they frame it, and finally how lighting makes all the difference.  Even after watching the volunteers put it together, you are still amazed when the lights go dark and then the painting comes up.

This video gives you a true sense of what it is like being there.

It was a wonderful way to end our visit out to California and we plan on making this a yearly adventure.

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