Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rain Barrel

After getting almost two inches of rain this weekend, Doodle and I decided it was finally time for a rain barrel.  Of course, now that we have the rain barrel, we are not going to get rain for the next four months!  The installation was quite easy and we followed the directions fine until the last step, when the instructions said to get on roof and run water into your gutter to test the barrel.  We both looked up at the roof and decided we would wait for the rain! If the barrel works as intended, I would like to get a couple more. SO, COME ON RAIN!
We also started on the landscaping of the backyard.  We plan on completing the backyard in stages. At least that is Doodle's plan, mine would be to just finish it! First stage was to plant along the fence line.  A couple of these plants should grow to eight feet tall, thus blocking our neighbors.
We planted Nandina, Gardenia, and several varieties of Viberium. According to the nursery, they are easy and hardy, just what we need!

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  1. Nandina are definitely hardy. Ours have lived through drought, extreme snow and hail and being transplanted once.