Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fantasy Football Draft

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School starting back, cooler nights, the sun setting earlier, can only mean one thing... Fantasy Football has arrived.  For the past several years, Doodle has participated in a Fantasy Football league through his office.  One year, we won it all!  Since that time, we have not fared as well but each year we start the season off with high hopes and dreams of a large payout.

Last night was the draft and for the first time the league utilized an online method that allowed the "coaches" to sit in the comfort of their own home and pick the players.  In the past, I have always sent Doodle into the draft with cheat sheets, player and team rankings, a list of esteemed players, those we could do without and those that were a must have.  As Doodle was home, the rankings, cheat sheets, and esteemed player list fell to me to monitor.  I now know why, the cheat sheets, player rankings, etc. are of absolutely no assistance.

Doodle: We are up?

Me: Which position are you looking at? (While looking at rankings, cheat sheets, player stats)

Doodle: Running Back

Me: ___ is ranked 5th.  ___ is ranked 8th.  ___ is ranked 9th.

Doodle: What about ___ or ___?

Me: They are ranked 15th and 20th.  The others are ranked higher on all of my sheets.

Doodle:  Okay.  (He makes the selection)

Me: Who did we get?

Doodle: We got ___.

Me: Who?  He is not even on my list!  Oh wait, there he is... 34th.

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  1. I feel your pain. I've helped my husband do online baseball drafts and literally every inch of the floor and desk are covered with papers, highlighters and pens. I'm up next, who's the best player out there, why did he just pick that one, what the he** am I doing? And then when the draft is over looking at the team and deciding that you can work with what you have and it isn't half bad.