Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fragments - Goodbye August

Mommy's Idea  
Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments hosted by Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin’ Time.

* The older I get the faster time flies!  How can it be the last day of August when it was just January?  While part of me is happy the time is going by quickly, part of me wants to slow down and appreciate all that is around me.

* Mom is coming in for a visit this weekend.  I think we are going to take her to Gibbs Gardens and maybe a couple of wineries.  I always love when she visits; we laugh and have such a great time together.

* Speaking of mom, I began the de-hairing process on Wednesday in an attempt to rid the house cat hair since mom is allergic.  I wonder how she lived with me and the four cats for almost a year! 

* Ling spent the day at the vet yesterday getting her teeth cleaned and amazingly none needed to be removed.  Even the vet was impressed that both dogs did not lose any additional teeth this year.  Between the two of them they still do not have a full set… but they sure are cute.

* It seems I may have planted the pumpkins to early this year.  My small pumpkin turned orange and then rotted.  The larger pumpkin is turning orange and the vine is dying.  Next year, I will plant the seeds in June instead of May.  This pumpkin growing business is harder than it looks!

* Doodle and I will be headed to Kansas on vacation later this year.  Yes, Kansas.  When we cannot decide on where to vacation, we pick a state out of the hat.  We came up with this idea a while ago; it was how we ended up in South Dakota on vacation.  Did you know that Kansas sports the World's Largest Ball of Twine?  Now how exciting is that going to be!
* Enjoy the unofficial end to summer everyone and have a safe holiday weekend.


  1. Kansas is a lovely state. Not sure where you are going but there is a Wizard of Oz museum in Wamego. And also what used to to be the largest tree in the United States until some boys got rambuncious and blew it up.

  2. I love the idea of picking a random state...opens you up to a lot of possibilities. Isn't that ball of twine mentioned in the original Vacation movie...or some goofy movie about vacations?

  3. What a great idea to pick a state like that! I should try that with restaurants...
    I wish I could have a cat. My allergies just seem to get worse the older I get. Yours are so cute:)
    Have a nice visit with your Mom. I am looking forward to visiting mine in October.