Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fragments - Olympic Style

Mommy's Idea

Happy Friday and a big thank you to Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time for sponsoring Friday Fragments.  Be sure to stop by and show some love.

* In case you had not noticed... I am finally growing a pumpkin, I am so dang excited to have a pumpkin for fall!  

* The children got their "dog days of summer" haircut.  They must be feeling better, they were running around even more than usual.  I suppose I would feel better to have all that fur removed as well.

* I have survived my second week of working four, ten hour days.  Having Wednesday off is great, I can do anything for two days and while that is true, being at work for ten hours is TORTURE!  I start counting the hours left right around 1pm.  I just need to win the lottery, that means I have to play the lottery!

* I have been catching up on Modern Family, it has to be greatest show on right now.  I got the giggles during this weeks re-runs and was still smiling about it the next day.  Any show that can do that is a winner in my book.

* Our tomatoes seem to be doing better, I think I was over watering them.  The peppers have finally started producing and boy are the jalapenos HOT.  Just one in the salsa is enough for a box of tissues.

* I am enjoying the Olympics but wish that NBC would not just show diving, swimming, and gymnastics during prime time.  I have yet to figure out the watching online; tried, failed, and missed all of the equestrian!

* The kids are back in school... it is quite nice not to have yelling all day.


  1. I watched part of the equestrian early in the week. The one where they have to do all the jumps on a big course (I never remember what its called). There seemed to be a lot of falls.

  2. back in school already? It's the beginning of August. Do you have a year round school year?
    Modern Family - I forget the lady's name from Columbia but she cracks me up.

    1. In our county, the school is almost year round. The kids have 8 weeks in the summer and then head back to school. Much different than what I had in California!

  3. Sorry about the equestrian events; I wish there was a way to just pick what you want to watch on primetime and just have those things. that would be cool. Yay for the pumpkin!! Kids back in school already, wow!

  4. I have been wondering if they were going to show Mrs. Romney's horse compete in prime time. I was upset at first that I see the immediate results on twitter early in the day and already know who wins but I'm finding I forget who won by prime time (yikes)
    I was recently in North Carolina and the kids were getting ready to start school this week. I don't like when the kids go back, it limits my time with my grandkids.
    Your pumpkin is adorable!!

  5. Cute take on FF this week! My tomatoes are all splitting on the vine :-( I'm having to pick them early and let them ripen on the window sill.