Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fragments

Good Morning and a big thank you to Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin' Time for sponsoring another edition of Friday Fragments.  Please do hop over and visit.

Mommy's Idea

* I have been in the doldrums lately.  Nothing seems to excite me.

* The lease purchase of our house fell through.  The people moved out, electing not to purchase the house... they ruined the hardwood floors, broke a window, and appears they had no clue how to operate a lawnmower.  What a mess!  People have no respect!

* I spent a day working at above house and only manged to clean out two flower beds... only 2 acres left to clean out.  I know what my weekend will be filled with. WEEDS

* Our rain barrel is full!  According to the rain gauge we have gotten only about 2 inches of rain and that filled the barrel.  Gives you an idea of how much rain comes off the roof and just goes into the yard.  We are definitely getting a couple more barrels, I have been watering the new plants using the barrel, it is working out perfectly.

* The wild grapes are ripe!  I finally braved getting a couple of the grapes and trying them.  They are good, but the outer skin is super tough and they are full of seeds.  I think the grapes are muscadine.  They do not grow in bunches but along the vine. 

* Have a great weekend everyone!  Keep your fingers crossed that we get rain, especially out West where the fires are.


  1. Wonder if you could make wine with those grapes?

  2. Interesting! I've been thinking about getting a rain barrel. My sister has one, and it looks really nice, actually. I really like the idea of using it to water plants.

    I wish I lived near you; I'd help you work on that yard. My sister has two homes and is doing the same thing you're doing; trying to find a buyer or at least a renter who isn't a psychopath who leaves the place in shambles.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend :)

  3. That's sad about your house--people who don't own the property don't hesitate to trash the place. So glad I listened to my dad's advice to sell his house after he died instead of trying to rent it. I had a renter for just a couple months and didn't like it at all!

  4. Your fragment here reminds me why I don't want to be a landlord. I guess you were trying to sell it so maybe you don't want to be one either. We collect rain off the garage roof. It's nice to have that rain water for a few days of watering after the rain.