Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fragments

It is difficult to believe Friday has rolled around again.  The upside to Fridays is two days off of work and linking with Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin' Time.
Mommy's Idea

* Speaking of Mrs. 4444, I was called out as a No-Reply Comment Blogger.  Who the heck even knew that existed!  I succumbed to peer pressure and now have an email address.  (I think)

* In relation to above, I honestly assumed that no one really cares if I respond to a comment, unless asked a specific question.  Am I wrong?  If so, I apologize.

* Looks like we may make the September 1 deadline for getting the house back on the market.  The downside, we will have to put it on at the same price that we bought it for 12 years ago.  The real estate market is still down here in Georgia.

* Even wearing long sleeves, long pants, and gloves, I managed to get poison ivy... again!  At least this time, it is only on my wrists and my neck.  So far, no staph infection and I am much less itchy.  I have been using alcohol on it any time I scratch.

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 * The shopping trip to Costco ended with a bill of over $500.00!  Thankfully, this will hold DB and I for the next few months with just weekly visits to the grocery store for fruit and vegetables.  I cannot imagine trying to feed a large family, food costs have just gone through the roof. 

* On NPR last night they were talking about grocery auctions, where people bid on food that is close to the date on the package.  Apparently those dates are not necessarily expiration dates but freshness dates.  Did you know that vinegar actually lasts 7 years even though the date on the package is only a year.  I am going to look into a grocery auction in this area... if I can get frozen chicken for $1.00 a pound, it is well worth it!  Here is the link if you want to listen to the story.


  1. Those auctions are good for food banks who can turn over food quickly.

  2. I almost always reply to a comment if the person has linked their email. No-reply@blogger makes me a little crazy!

    Hopefully in 12 years you've paid down enough on your mortgage that you will still walk away with something to put towards a new place...or maybe you paid cash so then it's all cash!