Monday, August 6, 2012


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A few weeks ago, I attended a Scentsy party for one of the ladies at the office.  First let me say, I hate these parties, I always feel obligated to buy something.  So, buy something I did... two nightlight plug-ins. 

The plug-ins are quite large, you would not want to use them where they could be easily jostled about as when the wax melts it can go everywhere... just ask how I know this!  Along with the two plug-in, I choose 6 different scents.  The lady from Scentsy indicated that each scent should last about a week depending on how long and often you turn it on.
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The pros: no soot, no open flame, if you are prone to forgetting that candle burning, you really have nothing to be concerned with.  The plug-in works like a nightlight, warming the wax until it melts thus giving off a pleasing aroma.

The cons: I have had the plug-ins about a month now and the smelly wax or Scentsy bar does not last that long.  I would say on average 3 days if you are running the plug-in.  The one in my office does seem to last longer, but; the room is smaller and I close the door at night.  The plug-in in the kitchen does not seem to be doing much of anything.  Granted, the room is large, open and the plug-ins are designed for smaller areas.  But even when we are in the kitchen, I cannot smell it.

I would not purchase this product again.  I love the concept and not having open flames, especially with children, pets, or someone forgetful.  Overall, the price is high and I am disappointed in the product.

Disclaimer: Scentsy has no clue who I am... this is strictly my opinion. 


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