Monday, August 27, 2012

Wall Street

Yesterday after Doodle got home from work, he turned on Wall Street and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  Yes, we are that far behind on movies! 

Believe me when I say I totally forgot how 80's the first Wall Street was.  That apartment was horrid, the shoulder pads, and those computers, what a trip down memory lane.

After watching both movies, I think the first movie had a better plot and the second movie had better acting.  I love Michael Douglas and believe he is a wonderful actor.  This movie just reminded me of why. 

I did not care for the ending of Wall Street 2...spoiler alert! 

I think it unlikely given the character of Gordon Gekko that he would deposit funds into the fusion research account just to see his grandson, considering he walked away from his daughter with her money.  Greed never sleeps!

I suppose that is what makes movies so enjoyable, loosing yourself for a couple of hours in a world where everything in the end is happy.  Doodle and I spent a lovely late afternoon and evening curled up on the couch vegging, just what he needed after a week filled with stress.

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