Monday, September 24, 2012

Chili with turkey & chorizo

We have had our windows open for the past couple of nights and it has been down right chilly in the mornings.  60 degrees or so in the house and 50 degrees outside.  Perfect for that first batch of chili, which I made last night. 

Doodle loves chili, I really think he would be happy eating it weekly.  The bad thing is that I do not have a recipe, I just throw whatever we have in a pot, add some chili powder and voila!

This morning Doodle said I should write down what I made the chili with yesterday... he either really enjoyed the chili or wants to ensure I never make this combination again. 
Here are the basics:

1 pound ground turkey
1 pound chorizo 
Onion chopped
Garlic chopped
Jalapeno diced
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can chili zesto tomatoes (Hunts)
1 can red chili beans
1 can chili starter
1 beer
chili powder to taste
cayenne powder to taste
salt & pepper

Once meat is browned and onion cooked, I throw everything else into the pot and simmer for an hour or so.  We eat our chili with cheese and crackers.

I love that it is cool enough to start enjoying chili and soups. 


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