Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fleas, Fleas, Everywhere

OMG... we have fleas.  Okay, Doodle and I do not but my poor pups do!  Saturday evening while enjoying the new deck furniture, I noticed Shen looked dirty.  When I scooped him up and looked more closely, he had fleas...

I called the vet yesterday and according to them, fleas are building up a resistance to Frontline (it has been on the market for years) couple this with the non-existent winter, we are not the only people fighting fleas.  I got a new product yesterday that you give every 30 days called Comfortis.  This is suppose to kill all live fleas within 24 hours.  Today they are at the vets getting a bath and I will have to wash all bedding (again) when I get home. 

You may want to check your pets if you are using Frontline to ensure that it is still working as it should. 

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