Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fragments

This Friday sure did roll around quick, I enjoyed only working three days!  Please make sure you stop by Mrs. 4444 to say hello and check out the other great blogs.

Mommy's Idea
* Why is the button for Fragments not working???? UGH... I am getting frustrated.  Time for a glass of wine!

* We did it, we bit the bullet and brought patio furniture!  It was marked down 60% as the company is no longer making this particular color selection.  It is not what I thought I wanted but I really think it looks great on the deck.  Ours is actually a pecan finish with a couch, two chairs, ottoman, coffee table, and end table.  I am looking for some bright throw pillows to accent the couch and make it more inviting.  The deck is finally coming together, just in time for the cooler weather!

* For my birthday Doodle got me the Nikon 1 J1 camera.  He went with the Costco special that came with two lenses, a camera bag, and memory chip. So far, I love it.  The pictures are crisp, focusing in good light is a breeze, and I enjoy the option of being able to zoom in.
* Mom made it home safely, it was so nice having her here for a few days.  I am already looking forward to her visit next month.

*  Mo appears to have a cyst growing on her shoulder.  It has really started increasing in size, so a trip to the vet is in order.  She really needs a job!

* The corn maze opened last weekend.  Doodle and I are going to try and find the time to go this year.  We went a couple of years ago at dark and ended up lost in the maze for a good hour... finally had to ask a child to lead us out!  It is spooky in all that corn at night, perfect for Halloween.

* I am riding in a horse show tomorrow with the new barn.  I have had two lessons on the "show horse" and was deemed not ready for him.  So, instead I will be riding the old lesson horse that moans and groans the entire time we are riding.  Let me tell you, this horse does nothing for the confidence level.

* Happy Friday everyone, enjoy and be safe!


  1. a moaning groaning horse in a show - is there a prize for most laughs?
    I'm guessing (wild speculation is trait I've perfected over the years) your button problem (on the blog I have no idea of other button issues) is that you pasted the code into the edit page while the editor was still in "compose" mode. You need to switch to "HTML" (it really not that scary honest) mode and paste the code in that mode. After you paste it in you can switch back to "compose" mode (there are two clickable buttons up on the left) and you should see it.
    Now it might now be where you want it. But you can drag it around in compose mode.
    best of button luck.

  2. Ditto what Lisleman said about the problem with your FF button, and I don't know about any other of your buttons either. So glad Bill pointed that unknown button thing out.

    You can go back in and FIX your FF button if you so wish. Click on the post to edit it. (This can either be done right on your blog by clicking the pencil at the bottom of the post, or if you don't have yours set to show that pencil go to your dashboard, click on the "edit posts" button. Then a list of your posts will come up, click on "edit" beside this FF post.

    When you get in there, copy the HTML that is showing up on the "Compose" page, click on the "HTML" page and insert the copied HTML where you want it to go.

    Sometimes I make two lines on the compose page of some letter (like p's) to let me know where to put the code - - - 'cause there's gonna be A LOT of code there. Example:



    Put those p's on the compose page, and when you click over to the HTML, they will be there with the space between them. Paste the HTML between the p's.

    Now go back to the compose page and remove the p's and the HTML if it is still there because you didn't delete it earlier after you copied it.

    Clear as mud?

  3. I'm really happy for you about the new camera--I use my camera all the time--It makes you seek out beauty when you have something with which to capture it.

    I thought "Mo" was a typo for "Mom," so I'm glad to know you're not having your mom's medical needs met at the vet.haha

  4. me out here. You have left a comment on my blog posts for the last couple of days, and each time I click on your comment name GB DB, it takes me to blogger's interface but when I click on ABOUT after it opens for me, there is no blog link - just a profile image of you with a horse. So, I went out [I hate not being able to reciprocate and visit those who take time to visit ME] and did a google search and found a GB DB with a url and clicked. Finding you. Praise be.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving me a message...I hope to see you often. I will begin to follow you now that I know what your blog is! LOL I enjoy horses...had one when much younger myself and miss riding.

    Oh, and ps....if you'd like to view my birding photos, I usually share them on my Bird Blog --- LINK here

    Enjoy what's left of your weekend!!!