Monday, September 3, 2012

Gibbs Gardens Revisited

We wanted mom to see Gibbs Gardens after Doodle and I raved about it earlier this year.  So yesterday, after a hardy breakfast, we headed out to enjoy the 220 acres of landscaped splendor.  While the gardens did not disappoint, what we had failed to take into account were the 1000 steps we had walked the day before at Amicalola Falls.  Between the aching calf and back muscles, we barely made it through the gardens.  We even skipped over the rose garden completely... it was uphill! 

Some of the flowers were past their prime; however, overall the garden did not fail to impress and give us additional ideas for our yard. 

Mom enjoyed the gardens, but she really enjoyed the swing!


Do you see the moth?

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  1. I'm a little envious at all your hiking. Such beautiful places you visit. Can't wait until my knees toughen up a bit, so I can join in the fun at this end.