Sunday, September 9, 2012

Golfing... Round 2

As this morning dawned cool and bright, Doodle and I packed up and headed to the local par 3 golf course for some action.  DB has a tournament to play in tomorrow and I wanted to work on just connecting with the ball.  We took the new camera along to see how it does in the "real world" and honestly, not bad! 

Thankfully we arrived at the golf course early before too many people were out, so that I would not be embarrassed by holding up all the real golfers there.  I actually managed to get the ball off the ground this time.  I listened and tried to do what DB was telling me.  Squat, squat down more, watch the ball, not full swings.  It worked, I even managed to get the second ball over the water hazard and avoided all sand bunkers.  We played all 18 holes, which was an improvement over the first time where I only made it through 9.

Doodle played great and the nice thing is he is always encouraging, even when I lost two balls in the woods and one in the pond!  I think I could actually like this game, it certainly is challenging, both physically and mentally.


  1. I have not played golf in so many years. I was never that good. I don't enjoy watching it, but playing is fun.

    1. Hi Ruth, I agree, playing is more fun than watching; however, after playing, I have a new respect for the pros and how far they can hit the ball.