Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday Fragments

Welcome everyone and thank you to Mrs. 4444 for hosting another week of Friday Fragments where you can clear your brain.

Mommy's Idea

* The fall weather is holding on here in Georgia, it has not been above 85 this week.  If this keeps up, the hummingbirds will begin their migration south for the winter soon.  

* I am thankful I do not live in a "swing" state for the election, the few ads that we get and all the radio coverage is enough for me to wish it was November already.

* My pumpkins have rotted... I am not sure what I did wrong but will give it another go next year.  I am thinking of a winter garden this year, any suggestions on what to plant? 

* I am continually saddened by the news coming from the Middle East, I wish I could understand the hatred so many feel.

* This is what I had the pleasure of being behind on the freeway this afternoon... is there no shame?


  1. I had worms get into some of my pumpkins.
    I am unfortunately in a "swing" state. The ads just won't go away.
    Since I am up north I have no ideas for a winter garden.
    Possibility of frost here tomorrow night and I am not ready for that yet.

  2. I am reading that a lot of people lost their pumpkins this year.
    I am sad and very frightened by all the violence against Americans in the middle east too.
    here in Pa. we are being drowned with the adds, mail,door knockers, traffic nightmares (I-95 gets closed everytime someone from either campaign comes to Philly)..yikes!!
    My husband rides, every time he gets bigger he gets a bigger
    Have a great week!