Sunday, September 16, 2012

Haunted Pub Crawl

Last night Doodle and I meet another couple for the Haunted Pub Crawl that happens on the Marietta Square. The tour is through The Ghosts of Marietta.  The Marietta Square and surrounding area is full of old buildings, antebellum homes, and documented ghost sightings.  Marietta was a place of much blood shed and death during the Civil War.  Could there be a better place for a ghost tour that visits local drinking establishments?

The evening arrived with a coolness only fall can bring.  By 9:00 pm it was dark, perfect for our haunted crawl through the square to visit the pubs. We walked along a side street, all lights mysteriously went dark, our guide telling us to be mindful, we were passing by the tunnels where the remains of thousands of Civil War soldiers were stored until they could be buried, nightly sightings were common.

Sounds scary doesn't it...

What really happened - a guide that had to be drinking well before the crawl started, who was not scary (despite the long cape), in a loud voice, said "follow me".  We merrily walked to the first "pub" a nice Italian restaurant, given the option of a beer or glass of wine (not included in cost of tour) and sat down.  For the next 30 minutes, the guide talked about things that may have happened in this restaurant and the surrounding area.  During which time, we are sitting around a table with a bunch of people we do not know with the lights on full.  After that, we ventured into the next "pub" where the exact same thing happened. 

By this point, this loud, happy, non-scary, guide was on my last nerve.  We walked to the final "pub" where it was too crowded to enter, told one final tale about what supposedly happens inside and then done, just like that.  I wish I could recommended this tour, the concept I think is great, with some changes, it really could be good, especially when people are drinking... but as it stands, I cannot recommend this tour.

Once released from the pub crawl, we decided to grab some light food with our friends.  We ventured into a place that had a live band, found a table, the waitress came over and after much yelling, determined the kitchen staff was tired and had gone home?!  Honestly, it was hilarious... four 40-somethings in a bar with music so loud that Doodle and I who were sitting next to each other were yelling at each other to be heard over the band.  In the long run we were saved by the revolting kitchen staff... we still have our hearing and our sanity!

Instead we met up at the Marietta Diner, which is an adventure unto itself.  The Diner has been featured on television shows, has a menu a mile long, and desserts that will bring a smile to your face.  It was the perfect ending to the evening and allowed us to actually have a conversation with our friends, that did not include reading lips.  I can recommend the Marietta Diner if you are ever in the Atlanta area, it is an institution and open 24 hours (without live music).

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