Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Almost October

Mommy's IdeaHello fellow bloggers, time for our favorite post of the week: Friday Fragments.  Head on over to Mrs. 4444's at Half Past Kissin Time for a visit.

*This week the weather has been nearly perfect, even if it is getting a bit warm in the afternoons and we need the rain desperately.

* Doodle was nice enough to dig up a plant that I found on the side of the road, bring it home, and plant it.  I think we shocked the hell out of it... it is not thriving in its new location.

* The lawn service was at our house doing whatever it is they do.  They left a nice note on the door telling us if we watered, our lawn would perk up... tell me something I don't know!  Why are we paying these people?

* I have been testing the new camera and so far, I am impressed. Although, I think I have it on a setting where it takes the same picture five times... I am not sure if I like this function.

* Doodle's fantasy football team, The Stained Monkeys, is currently undefeated going into this week.  Know what that means, all the cheat sheets that I put together were totally unhelpful!

* I have been trying to create a button and add pictures to my title in the blog but am so afraid to save anything that I am just about ready to give up.  No one reads this thing anyway!

* It is a full moon tonight! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Make a button! I read this. It is easy if I can do it. Don't ask me about the picture thing though.

  2. great pictures...lots of plants can be replanted like that...i get a lot of things in my yard from open lots or other friends ;)

  3. Look at those pictures!! Awesome job. They are so nice, of course you would want five of them! ;)

  4. Followers don't always follow so well. I've concluded (right/wrong?) that readers browse the blogs based on mood, what's going on in real life, day of week, if the cat just walked by, what they had for breakfast, - it's random. Also, a good percentage just do a browse-by click, no comments. Yes you should add a header picture. Here's a suggestion - create another blog just to experiment with the header and other gadgets. Nothing to be scared about with a test type blog.

  5. Thanks Bill, you are my fairy godmother or something with all this advise. I will definitely try that.

  6. What kind of camera are you using?

    Also, add the picture to the header. Do it!