Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fragments - October Version

Hello everyone!  As always, a huge thank you to Mrs. 4444 for hosting this weekly event where all brain matter can be dumped.
Mommy's Idea
Doodle and I had a grand time in Kansas.  Although most of the people we encountered looked at us like we had sprouted an extra head when we told them we were there on vacation... on purpose.  I am still working on posting the highlights from the trip.

We learned how to tell the difference in an overgrazed prairie and a prairie that is in good condition.  Also, learned that acreage is selling there for a high of $2,500.00 an acre... what a great deal if you want to live in the heartland of America.

I am thankful the election is almost here, I am so tired of hearing about the candidates, what they said, what the didn't say.  Just remember to vote, if you don't you cannot complain!

I am having a difficult time remaining positive at work, office politics are running rampant.  I wonder if that will end when the election does?  Something tells me it won't.

One of the horses from my barn that showed at Morgan Nationals, came away with a national title in pleasure driving.  How exciting!  My goal is to ride at nationals.  The trainer seems to think this is a realistic goal.

Cooler weather is due to return to Georgia this weekend, thank goodness, it has been in the 80's here again and I am ready for the cold.  We need rain, everything is drying out again.  Maybe the perfect storm will drift south instead of north.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to visit all the other blogs.


  1. Visiting from Friday Fragments today...I'm in the far northwest corner of NJ and it's supposed to get a little crazy here weather wise this weekend. I hope not! We've had a gorgeous fall, but this storm will bring it to a halt.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Just curious what temperatures a Georgian considers "cool."

    We're in the mid 40's up here in central Wisconsin and I'm LONGING for some REAL "cool" temperatures. We had a WAY TOO WARM and snowless winter last year and I do NOT want a repeat.

  3. I drove through Georgia last week and it was beautiful. It actually stayed pretty warm all the way up to Philadelphia. We have been having chilly mornings and beautiful afternoons.
    I am not looking forward to Sandy..yikes!
    I was writing about Kansas today for my next book...
    Office politics are so annoying. At this point ALL politics are annoying:)
    Have a great weekend...

  4. It was 26 degrees here this morning when I got up, BUT today the sun was shining again. It has been a dreary week with inches of rain. We are happy to get rain, but the drear.....not so much!

  5. It's definitely getting cooler here, which really bums me out, since I cannot stand going outside in the cold--My poor dogs are going to go without walks too often, I'm afraid.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip :) This great country has so much to offer, even in Kansas.haha

  6. Unfortunately, office politics never seem to go away.