Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Redeeming Quality

I tend to like most animals and I love the outdoors.  However, I can find no redeeming quality in cockroaches.  Yes, we had a cockroach in the bedroom last night! If you have never been to the south, you have no idea how large these creatures can get!


I turned on the light in the bedroom and a cockroach was walking across the floor.  In the bedroom no less.  I am honestly quite proud of myself, I did not scream in terror, as usual.  Instead, I walked, okay ran to the kitchen grabbed a bowl.  By this time, the sucker was under the dresser and I had to get on eye level with this creature to trap it in said bowl. 

When Doodle came down, I calmly told him there should be a cockroach trapped under the bowl that is under the dresser.  (Of course, I was fully dressed and sitting in the middle of the bed staring at the dresser.)  How he managed to scoot the bowl and dispose of the insect is beyond my comprehension.  I wonder how long it would have taken for the bug to die under that bowl?

Thanks to the 3 inches of rain in the past two days, Doodle says it is too wet outside for them.  Needless to say, the pest control people will be coming out as soon as possible!   


  1. I hate them. That was the worst part of living in the south. Once in a while I get wood roaches in my house.
    I hate those too. They don't live in here. According to everything I read, they just end up here and there isn't anything I can do.
    Slowly, but sure we are sealing up all nooks and crannies so that won't happen.

  2. If you find something that works amazing, let me know. The bugs this year are horrible, thanks to no winter. Please let there be snow this year!

    1. I just now remembered a remedy my grandma told me about years ago.
      Mix some alum and powdered sugar and set out.
      The powdered sugar lures them and the alum finishes them.
      Alum causes the roaches to get bloated. Grandma said they can't fart so they end up dying.
      I don't know if it will kill a mass of them. But, my sister had them and she tried it and the roaches would bury themselves in the mixture eating it and they'd die right in there.