Monday, November 19, 2012

Artificial vs Real

Doodle and I are locked in the classic battle of getting an artificial tree versus a real tree this year.  We went and looked at artificial trees this weekend and everything looked, well, artificial.  Add to that, I want a flocked tree, he does not, and we just gave up in disgust and went home. 

Why is it so difficult to find a nice, reasonably priced artificial tree?  On the other hand, why are real trees so expensive also?  You cannot get a decent tree for under $80.00.  For a tree that you will recycle in three weeks!

How do you handle this dilemma?   Do you just spend the money on a real tree each year and enjoy or have you found that perfect artificial tree?


  1. My husband prefers fake trees even though I grew up with real ones.
    A couple of years back we found a beautiful one at a local thrift store with the lights on it.
    We paid...get this...nothing for it. Now, given we had certificates to this store because my hubby worked for the company at the time.

    However, anyone else would have only had to have paid $10 for it. It was a 7ft tree too.

    Maybe consider going to a thrift store?

  2. You have to look at the cost per year on an artificial tree. We usually get 10 years out of it so if I pay $350 for one, that averages to $35/year. Much cheaper than real and not a fire hazard.

  3. $80 for a tree?
    I would not pay that.
    The farm we used to go to charged $25 for nice trees. No joke. The next farm we paid $35 for one and it was nice. But it is hard for us to get there anymore. Time factor.
    This other farm charges a lot more than we will pay.
    The last few years we ended up with one from Menards and they have looked pretty good.
    I have never had artificial.
    I am not even ready for a tree yet.