Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Fragments

Welcome everyone to another edition of Friday Fragments.  What a week it has been!

* Finally the political ads are done and finished for oh maybe the next six months before they start up again. I am grateful that I live in a country where we celebrate freedom of speech, but I wish there was a truth-o-meter with all these ads, speeches, and debates, perhaps, it would limit the number and scale of lies.

* I am sure the politicians would not say lies, rather, stretching of their truths.

* Why is my degree in Political Science again? 

* I am off today, a dear friend and I get together every November for our annual shopping day.  Back when her children were young, we shopped until we dropped.  Today, we will meet for breakfast, poke around some of our favorite stores, have lunch, laugh and talk, the shopping has taken a back seat the older her children of gotten.  In fact, her son is driving now... I just made myself feel old!

* The weather has turned colder here, we are freezing at night with highs in the 50's.  Although this weekend they are saying we will be back in the 70's and I wonder why I cannot find a thing to wear... how does one dress for 40 degree temperature swings?

* On a related note to the weather, I have to find new clothes for Shen, he is just not staying warm enough.  I have purchased and returned more outfits than I care to acknowledge to Petsmart.  I finally told the salesperson, either my dogs are getting fat or the clothes are getting smaller.  She said, it sounds a lot like her clothes, I had to agree.

* Have a grand weekend everyone.  Stay warm, safe, and dry.  If you are in the Northeast, know that everyone is wishing you well and that the power crews are working as quickly as possible.  It just takes time, trust me, I know! 

Mommy's Idea


  1. Now that is something the whole country can get behind. No more political ads!!!

  2. I can't say enough on the subject of so darned cute!! I'd love to send along a warming hug so he can at least feel better from my hug. Darling!!!!

    Freezing temps? Come on down here....we still have the lows in the low 60s and highs nearing 80...but oh so comfortable. Next week tho, the cold front is moving in and we'll have 40s for lows ---that's 'freezing' to us in the subtropics. LOL

  3. The temps. always confuse me this time of year...freezing in the morning and warm int he afternoon and then one day with a high in the 40's and the next it's near 70 again!

    What a cute little face! :)

  4. we have sunshine yet it's cold here...i make doggie sweaters :)


  5. Oh dear - - - I have the SAME clothing issue as does Shen, AND the store clerk.

  6. With all the ads, I became very acquainted with the mute button. I'm one of those crazy people who'd rather read about props and candidates. I don't like the commercials and it actually stirs something in me that makes me want to vote for the opposite, just because they won't stop nagging me.

    We've been having up and down weather here in San Diego too. A few days ago, mid-day it was in the 90s. Now it's cold out. Weird.

    Shen looks like a character.

  7. That sounds like the perfect shopping day, a day with a dear friend.
    All the best getting your precious Shen warmly clad.