Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone - if not a bit late!

Doodle and I spent the holiday in Panama City Beach, Florida.  This is the second year we have spent Thanksgiving there and I think it may be our last.  There is just not much to do in that area of Florida other than the beach. The weather was perfect, low to mid 70's for the weekend with the nights and mornings down right cold.

This time around we ate at the Hognose Snapper and what a treat!  I had the best lobster spring rolls and their fried fish was battered just right.  I definitely recommend eating there while visiting PCB.

We also saw Lincoln while we were out of town.  It was a good movie, Daniel Day Lewis, looks amazing like Lincoln and I sure it will be nominated for many upcoming awards.  What courage it must have taken those men to vote "yes" to the Thirteenth Amendment.  We may have come from humble stock but we certainly had guts when it counted. 

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