Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

It dawned on me this morning that I never finished our adventures in Kansas.  I will get the final posts done this weekend, I really had been saving the best for last.  One of the areas that I wanted to be sure and visit was the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.  Early in the history of the United States, tallgrass prairie covered 170 million acres across the North America.  Now only about 4% remain most of which is located in the part of Kansas we were visiting.  I thought it very important that Doodle and I see this, since it is disappearing at an alarming rate. 

We looked at the webpage early and realized, we had to get a move on to arrive in time for their bus tour, so we drove, like the wind arriving with 5 minutes to spare, only to be told they did not have enough staff that day for the bus tour.  In fact, the ranger expressed concern that funding was dwindling and the preserve did not get that many visitors (hello, we are in Kansas).  We opted not to wait for the later bus tour but did the walking tour on our own.

 This is a joint venture between the Nature Conservancy and the National Park Service with the total area covering over 10,000 acres.  Part of the national preserve includes an 1881 ranch house, three story barn, and other various outbuildings.  Including a three person outhouse. Doodle and I enjoyed our visit to the area and talking with the volunteer in the house.  He was the one that told us how to tell if an area has been overgrazed and the different types of grass found on the prairie.  This is a definite visit, we need to support this new preserve to ensure it is available for generations to come.
 This is what you see in Kansas, miles and miles of it.  It was beautiful and haunting to think of the people that traveled in wagons.


  1. Fabulous!!! The images of the Kansas prairie brings back fond memories of my childhood [in Nebraska, but close the Kansas border]. I bet this was a wonderful adventure for the two of you.

    And per you comment, I do have many more bird photos for viewing if you'd like to see them all [today my newest post will show up at 12NOON Texas time]...the link for my birding photos is on my Hootin' Anni's sidebar "I'd Rather B Birdin". Come on by, an open invitation is always there, and I'd love to read you feedback on that blog also when you get a chance.

  2. What a beautiful preserve. It is alarming how quickly they are disappearing, I just love touring America...